Now accepting for July 13th, 2022 class!

Now accepting for July. 13th, 2022 class!

Frequently Asked Questions – Click the questions below to expand the answers

Frequently Asked Questions – Click the questions below to expand the answers

  1. At risk or not graduating or a secondary school dropout.
  2. Participants must be 16 by the completion of the residential phase or no older than 18 years of age on the first day of Acclimation
  3. Willing to be free from illegal use of drugs or substances, alcohol, thc/cbd, and tobacco products during the program.
  4. Not under indictment or ever convicted of a felony; not currently on parole or probation for other than juvenile status offenses or misdemeanors.
  5. Physically and mentally capable of fully participating in the enrolled program with reasonable accommodation for physical and other disabilities.
  6. A Citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States, and a resident of Illinois

Funding is provided by the National Guard Bureau and the Department of Military Affairs.

Candidates/Cadets will reside on campus in the Lincoln’s Challenge dormitory. Each student is assigned to a team and each team has their own floor in the dormitory. Typically cadets are placed six to eight to a room.

During the Residential Phase they live on campus, after 22 weeks they graduate, return to home, and begin the 12 month Post Residential Phase.

22 weeks (5 ½ months) are spent in the residential phase as they live here at the Academy. Followed by a 12 month post residential phase where monthly reporting by the cadet mentor is required.
There are 2 residential phases per year, typically the residential phases run from July-December & January-June.

The program consists of 76 weeks (17 ½ months) total.

Lincoln’s Challenge Academy houses both male and female candidates/cadets. However, they are separated into different floors or wings of our facility.

Lincoln’s Challenge Academy strictly prohibits the use of the internet for anything other than work related to course studies under the direct supervision of training staff.

Cadets who receive mail on a regular basis have higher morale and tend to do better while at the Academy. We encourage family and friends to write letters or send cards often. Please address your cadet’s letter/cards as follows:

Last Name, First Name, Team #
212 W Borman Dr
Rantoul, IL


Packages deemed to contain contraband (items not allowed) are confiscated and mailed home at the cadet’s expense. This includes cash.

• If you need to schedule medical/dental/optometry appointments contact our Medical Department at 217-892-1318.

• If there is a death in the immediate family (grandparent, father, mother, sibling), serious/terminal illness, or medical issue with another family member you feel they should know about please call the Counseling Department at 217-892-1363. There are no incoming calls to cadets.

*Tip: Please do not notify cadet via letter or on their phone call day, information regarding a death or any news that will upset the cadet. This information should be shared with the cadet while their counselor is present.

• If you need to coordinate a visit, or if there is an event that you wish your child to go to, please contact the Cadre Operations Center at 217-892-1326.

• If you need to contact them in regards to their GED or other educational matter, please contact the Education Department at 217-892-1313.