Now accepting for July 13th, 2022 class!

Now accepting for July. 13th, 2022 class!

Mentors & Cadets

Research shows that youth supported by a mentor have a greater success rate in careers. As a mentor, you are committed to maintaining contact with your Cadet for 14 months with a minimum of four contacts per month during the Post Residential Phase and submit a monthly mentor assessment.

The Role of the Mentor

A mentor act as a role model, advisor, friend, and positive example to their Cadet. Before arrival, Cadets choose someone to be their mentor from their support system, The mentor plays a key role in the success of a Cadet following the residential phase. Having a mentor is a requirement to attend the program.

Mentor Training

Training is provided to all mentors so they understand how to assist their Cadet with their life plan. Mentors will be contacted and allowed to choose which training dates they can attend.

Mentor Support

Mentors are not in it alone. Every Cadet and their mentor will have a case manager assigned to help them during the Post Residential Phase.

How to become a Lincoln’s ChalleNGe Mentor

The first step is to complete a Mentor Application.

Download Link: Mentor Application

To become a mentor, you must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Same sex as Cadet
  • Able to pass a background check
  • Live within a reasonable geographic proximity to the Cadet
  • Sign a Mentor Contract and Agreement
  • Attend Mentor Training/Match Session
  • Commit to working with Cadet through the Post Residency phase (the 12 months after graduation of the program)
  • Not related to and/or not living in the same household as Cadet

By policy a mentor cannot live in the same household or be the immediate family: mother, father, stepmother or father, brother or sister includes (step), mother or father’s significant other, foster parent or legal guardian. Additionally, a mentor cannot be a Lincoln’s ChalleNGe Academy Staff member, their spouse, or significant other.

If you meet and understand these criteria, you can begin the formal application process.

If you know a youth that is applying to Lincoln’s ChalleNGe, you may include your application with that of the youth’s. If you do not know a youth that is applying, you may submit an application, and we will match you with a youth from your area.