Next class starts June 2nd-3rd, 2021!

Next class starts June 2nd-3rd!



· A pair of blue jeans or pants (no holes, rips, tears, or writing).

· A plain belt – no pants will be sagging!

· A plain white crew T-shirt: NO tank tops and NO logos, pockets, or writing.

· July reporting wears short sleeves.

· January reporting may wear a long sleeve T-Shirt.

· January wears a winter jacket or a coat.

· White socks calf-high– NOT the kind at or below the ankle.

· White gym shoes– inexpensive and with no other color if possible.

· Inexpensive because they will be used in physical fitness. Expensive shoes if stolen or damaged are the responsibility of the Cadet, not LCA.

· Remember you will go through a search station – wear underwear


Males: Clean-shaven face.


Females: NO extreme or fad haircuts or hairstyles.

· Dyes, tints, and bleaches will not be used while at LCA. Natural hair color is the color of one’s eyebrows.

· If your hair is tinted etc. You will have to wash it out or let it grow out to natural color.

· If you can let it grow out or wash it out before arrival this would be best.

· Hair ornaments matching natural hair color will be worn to maintain LCA hair standards.

· Hair braids/extensions must be of the Natural Color and MUST NOT interfere with the proper wear of LCA Headgear- i.e. a Baseball Cap.


Packing List


· EIGHT (8) pairs of underwear (boxers or briefs.)



· Bras: EIGHT (8) sports bras are recommended with support. If a sports bra does not provide enough support bring your regular bras. This ensures enough for use during the week and on laundry day. (No neon colors)

· EIGHT (8) pairs of underwear– NO thongs

· Feminine monthly hygiene items: Enough for at least two months.


Male and Female:

· Shower Shoes: 1 pair of inexpensive shower shoes (Flip Flops) preferably black

· Eyewear: Preferable glasses only. If you wear contacts, please bring a regular pair of glasses as a back-up. If you only have contacts then bring enough cleaning solution and eye solution for at least two months. Solutions are not provided by the medical department.

· Letter writing material: Paper, pens, pencils, envelopes, and stamps.

· Family Pictures (optional): There is not a lot of room in the lockers. No more than three family pictures, no larger than 5×7. NO PICTURE FRAMES. LCA has the right to confiscate any pictures deemed inappropriate to Academy standards.

· Jewelry (optional): one inexpensive black watch– i.e. Sports watch. Dress watches are easily lost, broken or stolen and are discouraged; wedding ring (if applicable)

· Religious medallions (optional): These will be transferred to a regulation military-style chain while at LCA.

· Prescription Drugs: If applicable – see Medical Info

· Winter/January pick up only: Thermal underwear 2 pair


Keep your bag as small and light as possible. After the issue, you will be carrying another bag with your uniforms. DO NOT pack more than what is listed.